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Dynamic Network Factory Leads Price Breakthrough In RAID Servers

When Was the Last Time You Said You Couldn't Afford a 225GB RAID Server?

Hayward, CA - July 20, 1999: Dynamic Network Factory, the US subsidiary of the $16 billion, Japan-based CSK Inc., has today announced the introduction of its new Enterprise Series, a line of RAID servers priced as low as $4995. With the high-quality superiority of today's leading RAID servers, as well as the innovative ease of Plug & Play, the Enterprise Series marks a significant price breakthrough for the RAID server market.
By connecting a host server via a SCSI connector and utilizing an onboard microprocessor, the Enterprise Disk Array gives your data the security and performance of hardware RAID. The Enterprise series also provides an effortless step-by-step setup program that avoids the complications of time-consuming operating procedures.

The Enterprise Series offers RAID Arrays in 60GB - 225GB capacities, and a choice of either 64MB or 128MB cache memory. The Enterprise supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, 5 + Hot Spare. Each Enterprise comes featured with a hot swap spare, independent fault isolation, and 2MB SDRAM on each drive channel. Superior ECC maintains maximum performance while correcting multiple error bursts, and the Enterprise Series utilizes an auto rebuild power supply with alarm, reset and load sharing. Interface support is managed for fast, wide, and ultra-wide SCSI host channels, with a data transfer rate of up to 40MB/second.

The combination of the Enterprise's high-speed microprocessor with the latest in chipset technology makes the Enterprise Series one of the fastest RAID server series on the market.

The Enterprise Series allows a hard disk to be used as a hot standby disk. When a hard disk error occurs on one of the RAID drives, this online hot spare disk automatically replaces the failed disk drive. "Hot Swap" parts can be both installed and removed without interrupting data access while the Enterprise is on. These "hot swap" parts include the hard disk drives, redundant power supply units, and cooling fans. O/S independent and transparent, the Enterprise RAID subsystem is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Novell, Unix and Mac. Each subsystem is S.M.A.R.T. System compliant and supports the EPA Energy Star standard (Green PC Friendly)!

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About Dynamic Network Factory, Inc.
Founded in 1989, Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. (DNF) is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley (Hayward, Ca.). DNF started as a U.S. subsidiary of the publicly traded Japanese IT conglomerate, CSK Electronics, in 1989. In 1998, the company refined its strategy and began to focus the hardware group on storage solutions. Within a year, DNF's rapid growth resulted in its emergence as an independent, privately held spin-off. In 2006, DNF completed its acquisition of StoneFly Networks, an iSCSI storage pioneer and developer of complete, turnkey IP SAN solutions. Since its inception, DNF has designed custom solutions for organizations of all sizes and built products for many major computer manufacturers. Today, DNF consists of seven business divisions including StoneFly, DNF Security, DNF Professional Services, DNF Medical, DNF Defense, DNF Systems and DNF Storage. DNF has thousands of customers ranging from consumers and small-to-medium businesses, to government agencies, universities, hospitals, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. For more information, visit or


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